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Weekly Pointer
July 2021

Life stories are illusions

June 2021

Is there such a thing called enlightenment ?

May 2021

. Seeing true nature of life

April 2021

Illusory seeker

March 2021

. This is a dream because there is a dreamer

February 2021
January 2021

. Tourists arrivals are recorded gradually with health regulations . www.nondualitysrilanka.com vwanigasekera@gmail.com

The mystery is the unknowability. The knowledge is for the illusory self

January 2021

December 2020

January 2021 . With the opening of the Sri Lankan airport from 21 Jan , the tourists will one again reach this destination.
However, this program will have nothing on offer except that there could be seeing through - by no one!!!! www.nondualitysrilanka.com vwanigasekera@gmail.com

The mystery is the unknowability. The knowledge is for the illusory self

December 2020

September 2020

September 2020 - It has been a few months since Covid-19 has hit the world. Currently the worst affected are the USA, India and a few other countries. Just as much as it has brought calamity to many, there may be a window of opportunity for a seeing through although by no one. This message has no value for anyone personally except that it says' this is all there is ' www.nondualitysrilanka.com vwanigasekera@gmail.com

There is no separation and this cannot be understood

June 2020

Covid 19-and seeing the reality of existence

04 April 2020 Covid-19 and seeing the reality of existence by Vipula Wanigasekera Humans are locked down inside their homes, away from the rat race, deprived of enjoyment of wealth, position and fame. It is undeniable that Covid-19 does not recognize what is considered important in material world when it hits the human race wherever they are, if exposed. Ironically, this is no contagion for any other beings. Much has been written on what Covid-19 has shown to the world already. There is however a promising chance to be seized specially by those who for sure, believe their lives are not going to be the same hereafter hence the need to clarify the so-called correlations of what they hitherto learnt in schools, colleges and spiritual ashrams. This is an invitation to a probe at one’s life story from a different perspective at this time of apparent despair. One way or another, explicitly or otherwise, everyone including spiritual seekers, look for something better for ‘ the subtle egoic self, in the next moment’- both being fallacious and yet the ambitious world would embrace them regardless of the goal being ‘ ‘whatever success in the physical world and ‘enlightenment’ in spirituality. Mankind has gone through these experiences from Spanish Flu to Bird Flu over the last few centuries and yet the true nature of life is overlooked, not only because we are trapped inside the mind made - four dimensional illusion, but our reluctance to go against the ‘ common wave’ in which the humanity is defined and interpreted in many fields from engineering to business and religion to science. Covid-19 was hardly expected in this magnitude despite there were some predictions, underpinning the uncertain and changing movement of existence. Except for the humor in social media, there is suffering across the world and yet people do not believe that there was suffering all along, that was termed in modern days as anxiety, stress, worries, depression and earlier days as anger, hatred, grief, misery caused by diseases, hunger and poverty etc. The belief in the ‘free will and choice’ - the biggest delusion in the human history which, the Covid -19 is revealing to some extent as an expression of the universe which calls for one response from the humanity, just one – Compassion! Before we return to where we were prior to the onset of the pandemic, and some may not get there, grasp the possibility that the truth may not be what you thought it was. Is there a way out of the character in the movie, or the dream which is real only when dreaming? Seeing this could well be the freedom which can hardly be expressed through the language. www.nondualitysrilanka.com vwanigasekera@gmail.com

Waves and the Sea - the same

April 2020

February 2020

Waves and the Sea - the same

January 2020

Power of Self - An illusion

December 2019

The truth cannot be described in language

November 2019

Observing the ' Free Will' , a Good starting point

3rd Week October 2019

Seeking Spirituality and Money is the same

2nd Week October 2019

This message is rejected by the ' self'

1st Week October 2019

' Me' is a need and time

4th Week September 2019

This message cannot be understood through language

3rd Week September 2019

Examine the components of your experience

2nd Week September 2019

This message cannot be understood through language

1st Week September 2019

Experience from a different view point

4th Week August 2019

Seeking is futile. Message needs to be grasped

3rd week August 2019

God is Universe?

2nd week of August 2019

An inward journey - God's unheard message

1st week of August 2019

what exactly are you looking for ?

4th Week July 2019

freedom is when seeking comes to an end

3rd week Week July 2019

Description comes to an end when the truth is seen

2nd Week July 2019

Nothing happens except for the narration of the Mind

1st Week July 2019

Screen and the Picture - See the Difference ?

4th Week June 019

The body decays and so will the mind

3rd Week June 2019

Mind Drive life and Story

2nd Week June 019

Dettachment from Ego - Easier said

1st Week June 2019

Person cant be uprouted. You can only visualise

4th Week May 2019

Sky and the passing clouds - A pointer

3rd Week May 2019

No one dies because no one was born

2nd Week May 2019

How often do you smile at a stranger ?

1st Week May 2019

What is the difference between Death and Falling asleep

4th Week April 2019

Come out of the slavery in the thinking

3rd Week April 2019

Fish is looking for water for salvation !!!

2nd Week April 2019

Where are you in between thoughts ?

1st Week April 2019

Do YOU chose your thoughts?

4th Week March 2019

Look at yourself. Who are you ?

3rd Week March 2019

The universe, where freedom is

2nd Week March 2019

The Sun, the Moon, You, Me and the World, Just an illusion

1st Week March 2019

Try to find you in thoughts, feelings and emotions

4th Week February 2019

Rest on ' what is' and watch the life flow

3rd Week February 2019

The body is innocent hence the need to find the Mind

2nd Week February 2019

Just plunge into the unknown

1st Week February 2019

The movie cannot affect the Screen

4th Week January 2019

This is all there is

3rd week January 2019

Freedom cannot come from outside

2nd Week January 2019

Life is unfair, but not for the Universe

1 week January 2019

The world is perfectly imperfect

4th Week December 2018

The seeker and what is sought are the same

3rd Week December 2018

The illusory nature of the world

2nd Week December 2018

Fallacy of free will and choice

1st Week December 2018

Spirituality makes you observe beyond

4th Week November 2018

Personal story is a wave of the sea and not the sea

3rd Week November 2018

When suffering occurs, look for the sufferer

2nd Week November 2018

Entering the presence is also the detachment from separate self.

1st week November 2018

Seeing through the reality.

4th Week October 2018

An inward Journey

3rd Week October 2018

Non existence of Subject and Object

2nd Week October 2018

The world is merely a thought

1st Week October 2018

This is not a message for a person

4th Week September 2018

This is Everything and Nothing - No thing

3rd Week September 2018

This message offers no excitement

2nd Week September 2018

Liberation is not an Exotic Experience

1st Week September 2018

World emerges with the self

4th Week August 2018

Purpose of Life?

3rd Week August 2018

Freedom from Suffering

2nd Week August 2018

Do you really breathe ?

1st Week August 2018

I can only promise you inner peace, not power, money or publicity

4th Week July 2018

Are we One or Two ?

3rd Week July 2018

Are we afraid to go to sleep?

Addressing Cancer Patients July 2018

Please Compare Buddhist spiritual studies to Modern Non Duality

1st Week July 2018

Find out your right place

4th Week June 2018

Compassion is not a mind construct

3rd Week June 2018

Time is not real nor is the space

2nd Week June 2018

Presence, is all there is

1st Week June 2018

Existence is unknowable

4th Week May 2018

Feelings are your children whom you cannot discriminate

3rd Week May 2018

How much is ' inner peace' worth?

2nd Week May 2018

Can you get rid of thoughts and feelings?

1st week May 2018

No one gets enlightened

4th Week April 2018

Remove your mask, And you will see better

3rd week April2018

who and what are you?

2nd Week April 2018

Find the Silence within you

1st week April 2018

Everything is an appearance

4th Week March 2018

You and the surrounding are one

2nd week March 2018

Conglomeration of thoughts - The Mind

1st Week March 2018